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Future Brain Platform: Data Privacy 

In the era of digital transformation, the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLM) has catalyzed a transformative shift in organizational management and decision-making processes. Future Brain, a revolutionary B2B SaaS platform, harnesses these technologies to offer leaders unparalleled insights into their organizational culture and employees engagement, by analysing behavioural and communication patterns through sentiment and text analysis. This article outlines the comprehensive data privacy measures Future Brain employs to safeguard sensitive information while enabling leaders to leverage AI-powered insights and drive their organizations toward success.


Data Privacy Policies and Measures

At its core, the platform applies principles that ensure the sanctity of data protection—foremost, through mechanisms that guarantee content, such as emails or chat messages, remains transient, never stored, nor accessible post-analysis and untraceable back to individuals. Advanced anonymization and hashing techniques further obscure any potentially identifiable or sensitive information, ensuring it cannot be reverse-engineered or correlated with specific identities. By excluding encrypted emails and offering an on-premise hosting option, Future Brain fortifies its commitment to confidentiality, ensuring that, despite the deep insights garnered through AI-driven analysis, the privacy of all data and the anonymity of individuals are uncompromised.

Future Brain achieves all the above while complying to the European GDPR regime which is one of the most if not the most data subject friendly legal regimes in the globe. Please find more details on how below:


1. Integration with Azure OpenAI Engine and Forward-Passing Data Principle

Future Brain integrates with Azure’s OpenAI engine, ensuring adherence to the ‘forward-passing data’ principle. This approach guarantees that data processed by the platform is not stored and remains transient throughout the analysis process. Azure OpenAI’s stringent data usage and privacy policies further guarantee that user data is neither retained nor exploited beyond the specific request. 


2. Guaranteed Data Privacy

The platform guarantees the privacy of company data, ensuring it is not shared with, or used by, Microsoft, OpenAI or any third parties. This commitment to data privacy protects against unauthorized access to and misuse of sensitive information.


3. Anonymization of Data 

All data processed by Future Brain is anonymized, obscuring any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and sensitive company data, such as trade secrets. Anonymization techniques and minimum thresholds are employed to prevent the correlation of data with individual identities, thereby protecting employee privacy. Content such as emails or chat messages remains transient, never stored, nor accessible post-analysis and untraceable back to individuals.


4. Data Hashing Techniques 

To further enhance data privacy, Future Brain utilizes advanced data hashing techniques. Hashing transforms the data into a fixed-size string of characters, which is practically impossible to reverse-engineer. This method ensures that even if data were to be accessed unlawfully, it would remain unintelligible and secure.


5. Exclusion of Encrypted Emails 

Recognizing the sensitivity of certain communications, Future Brain automatically excludes encrypted emails from AI analysis. This measure ensures that highly sensitive information remains confidential and is not subject to data processing.


6. On-Premise Solution for Enhanced Security 

For organizations with stringent security requirements, Future Brain offers an ‘on-premise’ solution. This option allows companies to host the platform within their own IT infrastructure, providing an additional layer of security and enabling adherence to company-defined security policies.



In an era where data is a valuable asset, privacy and security is paramount for businesses leveraging AI technologies. Future Brain’s data privacy policy and practices demonstrate a robust framework designed to protect all information while enabling organizations to benefit from AI-driven insights. By prioritizing data privacy, Future Brain sets new standards for ethical and secure data handling in technology-driven insights. Our team remains at your disposal for any further queries.




Last Updated: May 22nd, 2024